Just when you think you're done ...

Just a day after I announced my new blog, the server hosting it went off-line. The funny thing is - it was because of an upgrade. As it turns out after I updated Debian sid on the server, a new version of udev was installed. A version that did not work anymore with kernels << 2.6.12 and surely the kernel I had there was 2.6.11. I mean, what the hell is that? Why would you drop support for kernels that are only 4 version old???

Could you not just have a copy of the old code around and call that if the kernel is old?

Anyway it appears that it was the udev that was tasked with loading the drivers for my servers network card and as the server was rebooted (power problems) it would not bring its network back up. I only today managed to get to that server and find out what the problem was.

Oh and I also noticed that LVM packages are also just to be broken - apparently new packages will only work with kernel >> 2.6.14 . Just wonderful!