Top 10 libre timewaisters from Debian

This Saturday we had an installfest in LAKA with a topic of free games. It came to me to make my own top 10 of free Linux time wasting games that are packaged for Debian. Here we have the list for future reference:

Honorable mention - Battle for Wesnoth: a turn based strategy game with a lot of scenarios for single player and also with multiplayer support.

  1. Enigma - A fine puzzle of precision ball moving around large and complex landscapes with a lot of different of tools and quirks
  1. Bygfoot - A football team manager with a lot of nice extra tools like transfers, injuries, salaries, sponsorship deals and a nice comentary for the games themselves. I only would love to see some kind of an online mode either in runtime mode or in turn-per-day mode.
  1. Blob wars - Funny and bloody as hell. Think Rambo as a bruised blob shooting other blobs and rescuing another blobs. Got a lot of laughs during the presentation.
  1. Pingus - Lemmings clone just with penguins. Nice graphics and control. Looks like there is a lot of levels too. Wonderful intro.
  1. LiquidWar - A very addictive and abstract game of liquid domination. Nothing much to explain - just play it with your friends or against a bunch of AI players.
  1. Tecnoballz - Arcanoid on steroids ... x4 ... with a shop ... and bosses ... and ballz ... lots of ballz. Must see.
  1. Scorched3D - The best 3D graphics I have ever seen for a free software project. Same old addictive blowing stuff up with nukes that we all love since Scorched Earth and Worms. Gameplay is better then the latest Worms. Great multiplayer fun. I only with the camera would be more intelligent.
  1. Frozen Bubble - instant classic of free software gaming. Wit and precision required. Fun supplied.
  1. Neverball - Great graphics. Wacky gameplay. Tilt the world with your mouse. Do not fall off. Try the harder levels for even more fun.
  1. Powermanga - Just plain fly and shoot. With powerups. Lots of powerups. Especially note the last powerup that upgrades your ship to a new model which has new weapons to upgrade. Waves and waves of enemies with an occasional big boss. Sadly no multiplayer.

Note: sometime later this week I will also add screenshots to the list.