DPL platform runthrough 2: Missing man

Following up on my own review of the DPL platforms I give the review of the latecomer - the platform of Andreas Schuldei:

Andreas Schuldei

  • abstract and TOC present - feels a bit more professional
  • purpose-drive and predictable, with the purpose being having fun - sound much more balanced then some other approaches, hopefully not "Fair and Balanced"
  • "experience in implementing change in volunteer driven scenarios" - very precise definition of what we need
  • flashback to last years platform - looks like some progress is done, but most of it is still relevant
  • real-life meetings - Yes!
  • small teams - isn't that just splitting Debian up into small, easier to manage chunks?
  • more friendly environment - Teletuby alert?! Or should we just redirect all flamewars to the Sauna Cabal?
  • accept more leadership - good
  • more frequent and regular releases - please stop beating that horse. It is a fossil already. Does it really do as good as a project to have a release every year? Where is the stability in that?
  • care more - we can't care less, can we?
  • more resources - please elaborate, what do you mean by resources here? Global network of Debian approved anti-flamewar saunas?
  • DPL Team - isn't that just another name for nontransparent cabal running Debian instead of a single nontransparent individual?
  • set goals within teams to become purpose-driven - sounds good on the first glance, but would that not lead to segregation of purposes?
  • DPL milestones - timeout callback for a DPL. Might help to have a reason to report even if nothing is done, just to convey that information based on set deadlines. On the other hand that is extra "paper"work
  • "Important and/or controversial decisions are made in discussion with the whole team." - this seems to lack a critical part: "decisions are made by the DPL", because falling back to "our team decided" is just a lack of leadership and promotion of birocratcy and lack of responsibility.

Five word summary: purpose, RL meetings, team, schedules, resources

It looks very thought out, but is it just me or is it also becoming very birocratic?

Note: the promised interview is coming up tomorrow.