Food rhythm

Today I was chatting with my friends (Coced and Livespirit), we were discussing effective use of time when I was describing my food preparation habits. Coced started describing his daily morning routine as an example of time-effective food consumption routine. Then we decided to blog our food rhythms and crosslink those posts.

So here goes my daily rhythm:

  • Wake up (I am trying to start waking up at a fixed time lately, but I will blog about that another time)
  • Open the notebook, check email
  • Fill an electric teapot with water, put it to boil
  • Wash the mug
  • Go to the bathroom for the morning bathroom routine
  • Put tea leaves, 3 teaspoons of sugar and boiling water into the mug, stir
  • Make sandwiches from white bread (possibly sweet white bread with raisins), "Rama" margarine +sausage or cheese. Adding mayonnaise if I feel particularly hungry.
  • Make the bed
  • Sit down with the laptop and the tea continuing working and drinking tea
  • Every hour Gnome's "Take a break" timer goes off and I enter a "Break" subroutine:
    • Get up
    • Put water to boil
    • Wash the mug
    • Put tea leaves and sugar in the mug
    • Go to the bathroom
    • Do stretching or rhythm exercises for at least one song (depending on the mood and songs rhythm)
    • Put boiling water into the mug
    • Stir
    • Return to work and continue to drink the tea in small sips during the next hour
  • Once a day I prepare a major meal. And I really do mean Major meal. I had to buy a special 40cm plate so that I could place all my food on it without worrying of it spilling over the side.
  • Continue with a mug of tea per hour for the rest of the day. Most days I drink around 2 liters of tea.

I have stabilized my main meal to one of few dishes that I know how to prepare in a safe, nourishing and good tasting manner. I think that I will post some of my recipes with very detailed step by step instructions and pictures, so that everyone could see how simple my cooking really is and also suggest something to extend my daily meal routine. Oh and you might also get something interesting out of it too. :)

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