Simple day

I spent the whole day today investigating and fixing SBackup bugs and adding new features. The 0.10 release will be da bomb! My current plan is to spend 10 more hours on this tomorrow and after that I will declare a feature and string freeze for 0.10 and will give the translators a day or two to make/update their translations.

And at the same time I will be figuring out a good systematic way to test a SBackup release. It is an important package, but it has no automatic or even manual tests, which is not nice at all. So while translators will be translatig, I will be testing.

Ah, and this blaze of activity is thanks to both Jonh who contributed i18n code and some fixed to SBackup a few days ago (I hope he will continue contributing in the long term) and a brakedown of my primary laptop which makes it hard for me to do my university work. (I had no backups configured there yet :P)