SBackup 0.10 is out!

Get it while it's hot! It has been uploaded to Debian and will get to the mirrors in a day or two, but if you really want it now, then grab 0.10 release from Sourceforge.

The last version of SBackup was released in last November so this has been long overdue, that is why I want to extend many thanks to Jonh Wendell, who reignited my motivation for SBackup. A large part of this release is his work.

We finally have two out of three most requested features: i18n and purging of old backups. Now the progress indication is the big thing people still want to see. And also lots and lots of small cornercase bugs have been fixed, some of them required rewriting chunks f the code, some others were oneliners that bothered many people.

I am very proud of this release and I am looking forward to what we can do for 0.11, one small step at a time.

P.S. I have already received emails of congratulation about the release and a bug report requesting the new version in Debian. :) Needless to say that the package has been uploaded and will go out in the next mirror push.