Howard worldwide

I am hooked. I love to listen to Howard Stern. Up to now I have been doing it quietly by downloading it from P2P ever since I heard about him from a 60 minutes appearance just before moving to satellite radio on 1st January of 2006.

Finally Sirius started transmitting their radio stations to the Internet (for a fee). 13$ a month is not cheap for Internet radio (that is common to be gratis), but Howard Stern makes up for every penny of that with 5 hours of great talk show 4 days a week. And the dozens of other channels are just bonus.

If I were in the coverage zone of the Sirius satellite, I would get a receiver and look forward to the Stiletto, but as I am in UK, I have to make do with the Bittorrents shared by a highschool janitor and now with live streams from for 13$ per month. Luckily, the streaming works perfectly in Linux.

(I did have to supply a USA address when registering, so I gave them the address of Google headquarters :))

One more case where a gratis P2P downloads create a devoted fan and generate a sale.

Now I am just relaxing and enjoying channels 100 - Howard, 9 - The Pulse, 12 - Super Shuffle and 33 - Area 33.