Stuff happening

You know that you haven't blogged in a while, when you realize that you have changed your address twice since the last post.

Changes in my life since last post:
* finished my Masters paper and submitted it, waiting for viva now :S
* moved back to Latvia, lived for some time with parents (and no Internet) and now moved into an apartment in Riga - great place :D
* working on projects to make living :|
* got my camera stolen at some point during my move from UK to Latvia, and my finances will not allow to replace it this year ;(
* another person is contributing heavily to SBackup and is single-handedly doing the bulk of the bug fixing for a new stable release of SBackup :D !
* another patent treat is looming (EPLA - a united patent court under EPO), but this time we are asked for our opinion by our government - nice change of pace there :)