Debian on EEEpc 2

The new release from the Debian EEE PC Team is simply great - it works flawlessly to install a fully functional Debian install onto an EEE PC over wireless. You only need a 16 Mb USB stick (or SD card) to boot from.

The only remaining bug that people are still working on is the selection of the wireless network - int the current build the installer autoselects the strongest signal by default and if you want another you need to go back and reconfigure the network in the installer.

Great work guys!

BTW: This got me thinking - it shouldn't be too hard to take over the EEEPC from the default installation without having to have a USB stick or an SD card :) The default EEE PC setup consists of a (read-only) system partition and a user partition overlay. It should be simple to download the 16 Mb D-I boot image, save it to the system partition and write a boot loader that would allow the choice between normal boot, EEE PC rescue boot and Debian installation boot. With a bit of pre-seeding we could have the d-i install a Debian instance in place of the user partition unless the user overrides that.