Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • #MansTelefons ir iPhone 3G, bet gribu Nokia n900. Šovasar varēs nomainīt bez sirdsapziņas pārmetumiem. #

  • - my favourite book writer Charles Stross discusses the future of books. Very lively debate in comments. #

  • Everyone should watch 'The Tonight Show' with Conan O'Brian from this week - NBC fired him, but he has his last week - best TV ever! #

  • 18. Jan - 22. January to be precise. Just get it from #

  • It is pretty fantastic what a great comedian can create if he does not have to fear of being fired anymore. Go #teamconan ! #

  • Now I am waiting for the announcement that Conan 'CoCo' O'Brian is going to move to Sirius Satellite Radio next to Howard Stern #teamconan #

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