Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-01

  • - Install TrueCrypt par Ubuntu Kaitinošs! #

  • Ok, iPad is fail, but for 500$ it sounds very, very tempting. :D #

  • Only things that iPad could threaten are: iPod Touch, netbooks and ebook readers for casual readers. Hard-core readers still go e-paper. #

  • Vannas istabā uz plauktiņa stāv man netbooks, strīmo video caur WiFi no datora un spēlē, kad vannā esmu. ( @krizdabz ) #

  • Microsoft supports Ubuntu development to get a leg up in search engine wars. (Yahoo search is powered by Bing) #

  • - tikko pasūtīju pāris Charles Stross grāmatas. Labas cenas, liela izvēle un bezmaksas piegāde. +PayPal ņem #

  • And for those that say Linux has no killer app - YES WE DO! #

  • Vakar kāds numurs no Bite tīkla iespamoja man SMS, ka es tipa esot 500 Ls vinnējis no LMT loterejas. Kaut kāds jauns scam? #

  • Just finished watching Dollhouse. Great work @elizadushku and @feliciaday , much more than I expected even from Joss and you both. Bravo! #

  • What I would really want - a Charles Stross book, made for BBC by Joss Whedon with @feliciaday , @elizadushku and @stephenfry #

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